Newsletter IDEA - December 2018


Large Infrastructure Projects and PPPs


IDEA is developing its activities in large project management and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): First, IDEA signed a partnership agreement with the Council of Infrastructures of Canada to offer a joint training program on large infrastructure project management targeting the Canadian market. Second, IDEA signed a partnership agreement with Toraza-Zenith, a Canadian firm specialized in PPPs, to offer jointly advanced training on PPP issues in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Third, IDEA made a presentation in Buenos Aires at the IDB-CoPLAC (Interamerican Development Bank and Community of Professionals and Experts in Latin America and the Caribbean in Results-Based Development Management) meeting of the public companies network in Latin America and the Caribbean on capacity-building in PPPs.

Long-Term Agreement for Services for the Provision of High-Quality Technical Expertise to UNICEF in the Area of Public Finance for Children


IDEA Group is pleased to announce the recent signature of a global Long-Term Agreement for Services (LTAS) for the provision of high-quality technical expertise to UNICEF in the area of Public Finance for Children (PF4C). IDEA has worked with UNICEF since 2009 in a variety of countries as well as with its headquarters. The Group is abreast of UNICEF’s global strategic plan and programming priorities. IDEA’s organizational goals relate and are consistent with the mission of UNICEF and IDEA management and staff appreciate the leadership demonstrated by this international organization and the professionalism of its staff.

IDEA will support UNICEF’s headquarters, regional offices, and country offices around the world to build the capacity of UNICEF staff, government and non-government key stakeholders, to participate in planning and budgeting, strengthening social accountability mechanisms, sectoral budget reforms and to advocate for child-sensitive public financial management at all levels.

Masters Certificate Program in Public Procurement Management

Certification universitaire

The public-private partnership between IDEA Group, ENAREF and Université Laval continues to bear fruit in the support for more professionalization, simplification and efficiency of complex management processes of public procurement. From September 10 to October 19, 2018, twenty actors in the chain of award, execution and control of public procurement of Burkina Faso took part in the training leading to a Masters Certificate in Public Procurement Management. Under the guidance of trainers Jimmy Bankamwabo (IDEA Group) and Zongo Yamba Abdoulaye (ENAREF), the participants followed with great scientific and professional interest the various theoretical and practical modules, conference of expert-practitioners and visit of major projects. The happy graduates then joined the pool of masters-certified experts in Public Procurement Management, whose skills are increasingly required to accompany the implementation of reforms related to program budgets execution.

IDEA International, Panelist at the 11th International Seminar of the Management for Results in Latin American and Caribbean Subnational Governments Network


Between October 23 and 25, 2018, IDEA International participated as a panelist in the 11th International Seminar of the Management for Results in Latin American and Caribbean Subnational Governments Network, held in the municipality of San Pedro Sula, in Honduras. IDEA International is recognized as a leader in the processes of capacity-building in the public sector of the region. Hence, together with Roberto García López, Executive Secretary of the Community of Professionals and Experts in Latin America and the Caribbean in Results-Based Development Management, and Sergio Gómez, Director of the International School of Municipal Government and the National Association of Municipalities of Guatemala, Giovanna Donado Stefani, Senior Economist of IDEA International, discussed the experiences in the Management for Development Results training processes in subnational governments and their future challenges.

IDEA International has trained more than 12,000 public servants around the world in the different domains of Management for Development Results, and has developed extensive experience in the training of experts at the subnational level.

IDEA Europe assists Luxembourg in assessing its budget support to the Cabo Verde government


IDEA Europe was chosen by EY to assist the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the LuxDev agency in evaluating its budget support to Cabo Verde. Luxembourg is the European country that donates the highest percentage of its GDP to development aid and EY supports Luxembourg in the evaluations of many assistance programs. IDEA Europe's expertise was used in the evaluation of the Budget Aid component of its development assistance to Cabo Verde. After a phase of remote documentary analysis carried out by Nicolas Botton and Emmanuelle Arnould, an on-site mission was carried out to meet the main actors and beneficiaries of this budget support, that aimed to improve the employment and employability of the most vulnerable populations in Cabo Verde. Apart from a meeting between a participant and a sea urchin, the mission went very well. The sea urchin has been tamed and the final report of this first mission for Luxembourg was presented to the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs on September 26.

2018 Masters Certificate Trainings

Certifications universtaires supérieures

As part of the implementation of its training program, IDEA International organized during the last four months several Masters Certificate Trainings. We would like to congratulate the hundreds of participants from Benin, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Mali, Niger, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo for their diligence and the good atmosphere that characterized the training sessions. In particular, we wish to congratulate the many laureates who have been awarded the Masters Certificate Diploma by University Laval after having successfully completed their entire training program. The IDEA team hopes that the achievements of these trainings will allow you to contribute to the strengthening of your institutions and will offer you new career opportunities and professional development.

Official launch of the Technical Support Mission to the ENAM and the FSEG for the revitalization of the training of the civil servants in Niger


The Government of Niger has hired the consortium led by IDEA International to conduct a broad mandate to support the revitalization of initial and ongoing training of government officials. The launch of the work of this mission took place on November 2nd at the National School of Administration and Magistracy of Niamey (ENAM) under the chairmanship of His Excellency Prime Minister Brigi Rafini, in the presence of the members of the government, representatives of Niger's technical and financial partners, and representatives of civil society. The purpose of this mandate is to contribute to the improvement of the public administration’s performance. Funded by the World Bank and under the coordination of the Capacities and Performance Project of the Public Sector for the Provision of Services (PCDS), this mandate includes the training of 600 trainers (teachers and teachers of the ENAM and the Faculty of Economics and Management, FSEG), the accreditation of 80 certified trainers, 30 of which in the sectors of Health and Education, and the professional training of 5,000 executives and civil servants. The mandate will run for a period of three years, until 2021. A team of six international and local technical experts will accompany the implementation of the mandate in the field.

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