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Within the IDEA galaxy, a new star is born

IDEA Europe in Paris

IDEA Europe was created in January 2018 and just opened its office in the center of Paris. The company is now fully operational and has many European partners, some of whom have already provided contracts. To start with, IDEA Europe has a team of two people. Nicolas, Executive Director, is an expert in Public Financial Management and in Integrated Financial Management Information Systems. He holds a vast experience in those domains at Deloitte, in the Ministry of Finance and the Cour des Comptes of France, and most recently at IMF. Emmanuelle is an expert in public sector administration reform and possesses extensive experience at OECD and at the French Ministries of Defense and Finance. Both have conducted numerous missions in developing countries. Welcome to Nicolas and Emmanuelle and long live DEA Europe!

Masters Certificate Program in Public Procurement Management

Training participants

IDEA and ENAREF just completed the Summer session of the Masters Certificate Program in Public Procurement Management. Under the supervision of the experts Jimmy Bankamwabo (IDEA) and Zongo Yamba Abdoulaye (ENAREF), the participants from Niger and Burkina Faso were able to compare the Results-Based Management framework with the current regulations and practices in terms of dematerialization, contract management, monitoring-evaluation and audit of public procurement in UEMOA countries. For information on our trainings:

Support to the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Privatization of Burundi

Ministry of Finance of Burundi

As part of the revival of its public finance reforms, the Government of Burundi, with the support of the World Bank, has retained the services of IDEA International to support the development of its national strategy for public finance reforms (SGFP-III / 2018-2027). The objective was to support the Support Unit for Reform Monitoring and the Partnership Framework between the Government and the Donors for:

1) the development of the Public Finance Management Strategy (SGFP-III / 2018-2027);
2) the preparation of the first Triennial Action Plan (2018-2020) for the implementation of SGFP-III;
3) the design of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for implementation of reforms in the public sector; and
4) Budgeting of SGFP-III and its action plan.

The mandate ran for a period of 6 months and ended in March 2018.

Strategic Results Framework for the Cambodian Rectangular Strategy and National Strategic Development Plan

IDEA in Cambodia

IDEA is back in Cambodia supporting the Supreme National Economic Council!

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the Supreme National Economic Council (SNEC) of Cambodia have requested support from UNICEF to draft the Strategic Results Framework (SRF) for the Rectangular Strategy (RS) Phase 4 and to articulate it with the results framework of the future National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2019-2023.

IDEA has been contracted from April until October 2018 to provide training, coaching and support with a hands-on approach to enhance capacities among national counterparts, and allow the SNEC team to lead this process and offer guidance to the line ministries in close collaboration with the Ministry of Planning (MOP) and MEF. During this consultancy, IDEA will support the process to review the current NSDP and Rectangular Strategy Phase 3 to assess past performance, and propose a structure for their strategic performance measurement framework (PMF) based on the review. It will then develop a clear sectoral and cross sectoral PMF linking to Cambodia SDGs for Rectangular Strategy Phase 4 that will be used to guide the formulation of the next NSDP, performance measurement framework and programme budget structure of the corresponding line ministries.

IDEA-Solutions, an interoperable software suite

IDEA Solutions softwares

Did you know that the IDEA-Solutions applications are developed with the latest Microsoft technologies, making them interoperable with all major commercial and open platforms?

Since 2016, Microsoft .NET Core is free and open-source, which enabled applications developed with it to work with Windows, macOS and Linux. It marked a huge milestone in the development world as Microsoft joined the Linux Foundation and opened the source code of most of its major libraries. By using these high-end technologies, P4R, B4R and M4R can connect to various types of database like Oracle, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server, and can work in different server environments.


A diversified offer in terms of themes and locations!

The Institute provides training in English, French, and Spanish in all areas related to results based management in a variety of locations.

1. Masters Certificates

The Institute for Development in Economics and Administration (IDEA International) and University Laval, Canada, jointly offer four (4) Masters Certificate programs in English that deal with important pillars of Results-Based Management: Masters Certificate in Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation and Information Systems, Masters Certificate in Results-Based Budgeting, Masters Certificate in Development and Public Investment Project Management and Masters Certificate in Public Financial Management.

The programs are offered according to two (2) modalities: face to face (2 weeks full time) or mixed (2 weeks part time at a distance and 1 week full time face-to-face per module * 3 modules). The normal duration for the mixed modality is 3 weeks but a 4th week can be added to let participants finish their assignments.

Masters Certificate in Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation, and Information System

Module 1: Public Program Implementation and Results Monitoring
Module 2: Management of Evaluations of Public Policies, Programs and Projects
Module 3: Information Systems for Monitoring and Evaluation

Masters Certificate in Results-Based Budgeting

Module 1: Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Framework
Module 2: Multi-year Budgeting: Fiscal Framework and Sector Medium Term Expenditure Framework
Module 3: Work Plan, Budget and Analysis of Expenditure Quality
Masters Certificate in Development and Public Investment Project Management
Module 1: Project Design and Ex-ante Evaluation
Module 2: Principles and Tools of Project Operational Management
Module 3: Preparation of the Integration Project and Preparation to the PMP® Examination
Masters Certificate in Public Financial Management
Module 1: Strategic Planning and Public Programs Budgeting
Module 2: Public Finance Management Diagnostic and Reforms
Module 3: Public Finance Management Audit and Control

IDEA offers exclusively to organize these trainings in the location and on the date of your choice for groups of 15 to 30 participants. If you are interested, please contact us to get a quotation

2. Professional Certifications

In addition, we offer Professional Certification programs according to two (2) modalities: face to face (2 weeks full time) or mixed (2 weeks part time at a distance and 1 week full time face-to-face per module). These programs are offered for groups of 20 to 50 participants at a date and location of your choice on the following topics:

- Results-Based Management
- Decentralization and local governance reform management
- Results-Based Budgeting
- Public Financial Management
- Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation, and Information Systems
- Project Management

If you are interested in our Professional Certifications, please contact us to get a quotation.

3. Professional workshops

We also offer Professional Workshops (one-week face to face) in your country or in another location and at a date of your choice for groups of 15 to 30 participants on the following topics:

- Modern approaches to RBM
- Implementing decentralization and local governance reforms
- Build an Indicator
- Implementing and monitoring SDGs
- Implementing the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PPBME) chain
- Conducting a Data Quality Review
- Good practices in Public-Private Partnerships
- Software for Budgeting and Monitoring for Results
- Software for Public Investment Management

If you are interested in our Professional Workshops, please contact us to get a quotation.

4. International seminars

International Seminars (1 week outside of the country in an attractive location) are exclusively organized by IDEA International in the location and at a date of your choice for groups of 8 to 15 participants on the topics mentioned below:

Leading Results-Based Monitoring reforms
Leading Public Financial Management reforms
Leading Decentralization and local governance reforms
Mainstreaming SDGs into public programs and projects
Managing successful Public-Private Partnerships

If you are interested in our International Seminars, please contact us to get a quotation:

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