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Newsletter IDEA - February 2017

M&E system project for the security sector, Guyana

From December 12th to 16th, Dr. Frederic Martin Ana Maria Fernandez and Sharissa Barrow conducted the scoping mission to “Design and Establish a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System for the Security Sector” of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. This project is funded by the Inter-American Development Bank and will be developed during a 3 month period.

The scoping mission involved interviews with the key actors and a participatory assessment workshop following the Assessing for Results (A4R®) process supported by IDEA-Solutions® web-based software with 19 civil servants of the Ministry of Public Security, Guyana Police Force, Guyana Fire Service, Guyana Prison Service and the Ministry of Finance The objective of the workshop was three-fold: i) to conduct a rapid and participatory assessment of the current status of the M&E system for the security sector and Budgetary Agencies; ii) to identify challenges in developing an integrated M&E system; and, iii) to propose elements of an action plan.


Start-up of the support project for the operation of the LOLF and Budget Reform in Niger

IDEA International was given the mandate to support the Public Sector Capacity-Building Project for Services Delivery (PCDS) and the national institutions in the operationalization of the Organic Law on Financial Laws (LOLF), in particular the implementation of the budgetary reform whose main orientations as described in the guidelines of the UEMOA. Funded by the World Bank, this reform project will be implemented over the next three (3) years. It was in this context that a mission visited Niamey from 14 to 19 November 2016 to proceed with the actual start-up of the project. An ambitious work plan has been validated by the parties committed to implementing it in order to achieve the government’s desired results. The resident Head of Mission, Mr Christian Sissao, Senior Public Finance Expert, took his post in Niamey and will remain there for the duration of the project. In the first months, the team will focus on raising awareness of the content, will prepare a reform plan for 2017-2021 and will develop a three-year plan to strengthen the capacity for public finance management.

Appui PCDS

International Certificate in Results-Based Management with a special focus on Budgeting for Results, Paraguay

October 24th, 2016, IDEA International started the Results-Based Management oriented on Results-Based Budgeting for public servants of the Budget Directorate of the Ministry of Finance in Paraguay. This project, financed by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) in the context of the reimbursable technical cooperation agreement No. ATN/ OC-13082-PR, aims at building capacities for public servants of the Budget Directorate of the Ministry of Finance to establish the bases for the implementation of a permanent course to promote and consolidate conceptual, technical and methodological capacity-building of main processes to planning and public programming based on Results-Based Budgeting focus.

This diploma is divided in 3 modules, each one of 3 weeks duration: Module 1: Strategic Planning; Module 2 Results-Based Budgeting; Module 3 Monitoring and Evaluation. This course is structured under a mixed-modality, thus an at-a-distance component using the IDEA e-Learning platform for the first 2 weeks of each module and an onsite component in Asunción, Paraguay for the third component.


Strategic partnership in the Information Technology domain

In the context of expansion of our information technologies activities and accelerated development of our software for the support to Results-Based Management implementation, IDEA International and its IT branch IDEA-Solutions®, signed a strategic partnership with COFOMO, a specialized firm in the consulting services and experience management areas, particularly in the domain of « Business and Information Technologies ».

COFOMO is the second largest company in Quebec evolving in the information technologies area. It has had a rapid growth over the last two decades to become a prestigious and respected society in the domain. Since 2004, COFOMO is a business partner in the context of the partnership program of Oracle. It also consolidates its expertise in development, support and evolution of server solutions and solutions in Microsoft architecture environments. IDEA International and IDEA-Solutions are proud to announce the signature of this strategic partnership that strengthens our ambition to support the operational implementation of Results-Based Management. We are pleased to count with a quality partner, aware of the most recent development in the area, and benefiting from a high reputation and a pool of 39 000 experts working in various domains of information technologies.


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