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Capacity Building

Masters Certificates

Short Graduate-Level Training Programs That Yield International Recognition

IDEA International and University Laval, Canada (ranked 11th among Canadian Universities) joined forces to create unique University Certificate programs (Masters Certificate) in different areas of expertise related to Results-Based Management (RBM).

These continuing education level programs are accredited by University Laval and lead to a graduate level diploma. The details of the seven (7) Master Certificates offered is available below:


Mastering Specific Areas of Results-Based Management

IDEA International offers 60-hour Professional Certifications according to two modalities:

  • face to face (2 weeks full time) or
  • mixed (2 weeks part-time at a distance and 1 week full time face-to-face).

These programs are offered for groups of 10 to 50 participants at a date and location of your choice on the following topics:

  • Results-Based Management
  • Decentralization and Local Governance Reform Management
  • Results-Based Budgeting
  • Public Financial Management
  • Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation, and Information Systems
  • Project Management
  • Preparation for the PMI’s PMP Certification in Project Management
  • Audit and Control in the Public Sector


A Short and Efficient Way to Acquire RBM Skills

IDEA offers one-week Professional Workshops in your country or in another location and at a date of your choice for groups of 8 to 25 participants on the following topics:

  • Modern Approaches to RBM
  • Implementing Decentralization and Local Governance Reforms
  • Build an Indicator
  • Implementing and Monitoring SDGs
  • Implementing the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation (PPBME) Chain
  • Conducting a Data Quality Review
  • Good practices in Public-Private Partnerships
  • Information Systems for Budgeting for Results
  • Information Systems for Monitoring for Results
  • Information Systems for Public Investment Management

Customized Training

On-site Training Delivery That is Adapted to Your Specific Needs

We offer the possibility of preparing and organizing workshops for the specific needs of your institution, across the various themes proposed in our training program catalogue. These practice-oriented workshops intend to enhance your understanding of specific concepts, methods, and tools, while promoting cohesion in practices among professionals within an organization.

Training at a Distance

IDEA e-learning platform

IDEA e-Learning offers several online or semi-attendance courses, thus improving accessibility for a greater number of participants at the national level and in decentralized structures.

IDEA e-Learning enables:

  • Easy exchanges between remote participants and teachers;
  • Viewing of pre-recorded classes;
  • Downloading learning materials and reading;
  • Online assessments (examination and correction done remotely).

Laval University e-learning platform

Beginning in 2017, the Masters Certificates offered jointly by IDEA International and University Laval will be available on the at-a-distance platform of University Laval, one of the best and most powerful e-Learning platforms in Canada. The platform will enable you to strengthen your professional and technical capacities in a cutting-edge numeric environment.

Study Tours

Discovering Good Practices Elsewhere in the World

The Institute organizes customized study tours in Canada for a delegation of your institution. It includes training to deepen specific skills or knowledge on an area of results-based management, as well as visits to relevant Canadian institutions to meet professionals and learn from their practice.